A brand is commonly thought of as a logo, a website, or a commercial; however, there are a number of complex elements that each embody the look, tone, and voice of an organization. This is why we strategize every step along the way and strive to call attention to each detail and facet that supports your brand as a whole.

We help define the project strategy and roadmap, clarify requirements and prepare the required documentation to ensure you are fixing the right problems and optimizing the right actions.

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With long-standing experience across the full software development lifecycle , Barman serves as a full stack vendor undertaking end-to-end website development projects for entrenched market leaders and emerging businesses with technology at their core.


Independent QA
and Testing

Barman offers a wide range of independent software QA and testing services that adhere to the highest levels of security and industry standards. Using our testing labs, vast QA expertise and team flexibility, we are able to increase the quality of your product while reducing time-to-market, management risks and operating costs.

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The first impression of your company transcends more than just a logo. Creating a look and feel which tailors to your company's target market should be approached with strategy and purpose.

Taking who your company is into a digital and emotional direction in order to attract target consumers. Barman concentrates on the feeling people get when they think of your company; helping to build and shape preconceived notions based on past experience. By creating and combining logo, copy, type, messaging and photography, Barman works to direct interactions that position a brand as they should be perceived.

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Dedicated Team

A client-managed dedicated team is the perfect solution when your ongoing project experiences ad hoc demand in extra resources, new technologies or domain-specific expertise. Led by a project manager on your side, Barman’s dedicated specialists will essentially, consistently and cost effectively fill the gaps in your project needs, demonstrating masterly alignment with the established processes and procedures.


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Google, Yahoo, and Bing are becoming more sophisticated, making website visibility in search results more competitive. To navigate this dynamic landscape, you need a partner who takes an educational approach to SEO.

It starts with taking a holistic view of your website, where keyword strategy, on-site content, and overall site health are intertwined. In this sense, Google and your brand have the same end goal in mind: deliver the highest-quality user experience. We can help make that possible.

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